Car Shipping To Hong Kong

With the current exchange rate now is a perfect time for shipping motor vehicles to Hong Kong. We are actively shipping hundreds of vehicles to Hong Kong a year, for this reason we can offer some of the most competitive prices on the market along with a reliable and efficient service.

The vehicle(s) would be loaded and sealed inside a dedicated steel container by our own highly trained staff. This would take place in our secure warehouse close to the port of Felixstowe, from there it would be shunted to Felixstowe quay ready to be loaded to the next vessel bound for Hong Kong.

Vehicles can be shipped alone in a 20’ container or along with another one or two vehicles in a 40’ container. As you would have your own dedicated container extra items would be able to be loaded inside the vehicle(s) at no extra cost however we would need a detailed inventory of the items and it will be classed as a separate import by customs in Hong Kong.

Making a booking with us couldn’t be easier. We would only require a few pieces of information; a copy of the V5, purchase invoice and a declaration to be filled in and signed. Once we have processed your booking we can have it on its way within 2 weeks max, the transit time to Hong Kong is approximately 25 days.

Our service is only up to arrival quay in Hong Kong, from there you will need to use a local agent to customs clear and unload the container, you should expect to pay around HK$8’000-10’000 (£650-£825)

There is currently no import duty on motor vehicles in Hong Kong however you may have to pay a first registration Tax. This would be levied on the total cost of the car once it has arrived in Hong Kong. The rate is 35% for the first HK$150,000 of value, 65% for the next HK$150,000, 85% for the next HK$200,000 and 100% on any balance over and above this. Depreciation allowance may be allowed if the vehicle has been owned and used in the UK for a time before shipment to Hong Kong.

Please contact us to find out our current rates for car shipping to Hong Kong.

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