Motorcycle Shipping

There are three ways of shipping motorcycles:

Roll on roll off:
Exactly the same as shipping a car by roll on roll off, but at half the price.
Unfortunately there are very few Vessels/Port which will accept motorcycles to be shipped by roll on roll off, contact us for more details.

In a sole container:
We can load your bike in a container by lashing it to fixed points in the container, the wheels would be secured to the ground and then the body would be secured to the roof of the container preventing it from tipping over.

By groupage:
Sending your bike by groupage is the most cost effective method. We can collect your bike from anywhere in the UK and bring it to one of our warehouses. We will then secure the bike in a specially built crate made by one of our trained crate makers. The crate will then be loaded in a container along with many other consignments, but you will only pay for the space your bike takes up.

There are limitations for all three methods so contact us to find out which option will suit you best.


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